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Oh, lord. This morning at about 5 a.m., I was half asleep / half awake and I kept thinking about the Kakumei sl. I dreamt we had a moron Squall join and he was talking in first person as he rped with one line posts.

Me : "...You're going to let him stay?"
Emily : "Yeah, we need members."
Me : "..He screams noob though."
Squall-guy (in RP) : "I look over at the bar and see my girlfriend Rinoa talking to Seifer with blue hair. Hey Seifer, get away from her!"
Me : "Ooohh god...Noob + Roll of jealous boyfriend = Me miserable. Agh, he's taking Emily away from me o_o the hell? ...I know this is a dream...but I can't wake up =/."

You know how that is, right? It's're awake, but you can't open your eyes and you're seeing pictures o.o ...or maybe that's just me.
It was a half awake / half sleep nightmare! o.O
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