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Alright, so earlier, I sent an email to the mod of this thing with my character applications, never joining here to post them because I was doing away with this username. Weeeeell, turns out I'll be having this username for a little longer (because I can't decide on a new one), so I thought, "What the hell." So here are my applications! Yes! Plural! :O And I'll just copy from the email.

Hello! I found your RP, finalrevolution via my interests on LiveJournal. Annnnnd... I was kinda confused as to how to apply (because I'm a moron, nothing more ;D)... so I decided just to email. ;o Okay, no, I lie. xD I understood--it's just I'll be changing my OOC journal soon, so decided it'd be a futile thing to join as it to post appies. ;x

I'd like to take on three characters, if I may. Pretty sure I can, heh heh. *talented* >>;

Also... I know you'd prefer a good description for personality, but.. I can't think. ;_; Plus, I'm tired. It's 3:37 AM. :D Sooooo... I hope what I have is okay. ;(

-Name: Elena.
-Age: 18.
-OOC Journal: Good thing it's not required, 'cause I'mma change it soon anyhow!
-Contact Info: The email I check most is / then I'm on Yahoo as flawedbliss / and AIM as xNoRevisionx (although that too will change eventually >>).
-Location: Ohio.
-Sex: Female.

-Character: Cloud Strife
-Character's Age: 19
-Character's Journal: I"LL MAKE ONE IF I GET HIM! I PROMISE!
-Character's Grade: College freshman, yo'.
-Character's Occupation: Aside from being a college kiddy, he works on-campus in a library.
-Personality: Quiet, sort of a lone-wolf type, thinks to himself.
-Sexuality: Hetero.
-Love Interest: Tifa Lockheart, a classmate of his.
-Living conditions (what district, house or apartment, etc): His college & dorm are in District III/Midgar.
-Any other info: I'll think on it!

-Character: Tifa Lockheart
-Character's Age: 18
-Character's Journal: I'LL MAKE ONE if I need to!
-Character's Grade: College freshman.
-Character's Occupation: Student, has an on-campus coffee house job.
-Personality: Down-to-earth, can be emotional, somewhat optimistic.
-Sexuality: Hetero.
-Love Interest: None yet. ;o
-Living conditions (what district, house or apartment, etc): Same as Cloud's.
-Any other info: Again, I'll think on it!

-Character: Squall Leonhart
-Character's Age: 18
-Character's Journal: Again.. I'll make one if I get him. xD
-Character's Grade: Highschool senior.
-Character's Occupation: Just a student.
-Personality: Loner, quiet, thinks to himself a lot.
-Sexuality: Hetero.
-Love Interest: None.
-Living conditions (what district, house or apartment, etc): Goes to school in the Balamb District.
-Any other info: Shall think on it and get back to you. BEEP!

If any of these are already taken, lemme know... I'll try and have some backups. That is, if you consider me and all. And if not, I won't be heartbroken. :D Thanks!

P.S. - Sorry for not correcting the personality descriptions. I'm just so used to writing single-word answers. ;x That, and I'm *coughlazycough*.
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