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-Name: Velvy
-Age: 19
-OOC Journal: velvy
-Contact Info: AIM PinkChineseBuns (OOC) // Canary Caged (IC)
-Location: San Diego, CA
-Sex: Female

-Character: Garnet Til Alexandros
-Character's Age: 16
-Character's Journal: garnet_memoirs
-Character's Grade: Junior
-Character's Occupation: Heir to family business/fortune
-Peronality: A reserved girl brought up as nobility. She has never been outside of Alexandria, and now her family's business is falling into disarray. She is adventuresome, but naive (having been behind closed doors for 16 years). She also has a tendency to (when things go haywire) blame herself. She is a summoner of strange power.
-Sexuality: ...
-Love Interest: None
-Living conditions (what district, house or apartment, etc): A manor in Alexandria (at the moment!)
-Any other info: She likes to sing and "ooh" and "ahh" at different structures. She is also very fond of tea and I Want To Be Your Canary (a play).

Looks good! One of the best and most organized Final Fantasy RPs I've come across (and there have been many that I didn't join because they lack what this RP already seems to have). I'm looking forward to it!
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