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I can take on two

-Name: Velvy
-Age: 19
-OOC Journal: velvy
-Contact Info: AIM -- PinkChineseBuns (OOC) // Healing Cetra (IC)
-Location: San Diego, CA
-Sex: Female

-Character: Aeris Gainsborough
-Character's Age: 20
-Character's Journal: aeris_hearts
-Character's Grade: Sophomore in College
-Character's Occupation: Volunteer at a soup kitchen, and an apprentice nurse at the Hospital
-Personality: A very nice person once you get to know her, very playful, and has a very positive outlook on life. She's open-minded but stubborn. She has a mysterious connection to the Earth that she doesn't bring up often, if at all. Beyond that, she's quite the girly-girl and likes having fun. Not considered a party pooper.
-Sexuality: Straight
-Love Interest: None
-Living Conditions: Dorm with roommate (Lonnie) in Midgar
-Any other info: Has a baby bird (Tanya), likes amusement parks, cooking, and flower arranging.

Some notes, Lonnie is her roommate (so far) but I'd be welcome to another character, say another Final Fantasy character being Aeris's roommate instead. Leaves more room for interaction.

Oh, and as Garnet, I've made an IC post in Final Revolution.
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