Himaco Rosenhorn (himaco) wrote in kakumei__ooc,
Himaco Rosenhorn

Can I paly Reno?

-Name: Nicole Meade
-Age: 14
-OOC Journal: himaco, or nicole_meade_fc
-Contact Info: email- turkeyreno@yahoo.com, AIM and Yahoo!-turkeyreno
-Location: Missouri
-Sex: Female

-Character: Angel Lorns
-Character's Age: 18
-Character's Journal: lost_angel_13
-Character's Grade: drop-out
-Character's Occupation: Bar tender looking for work
-Personality: Angel likes to party and drink, she's quiet and keeps to her self. She still helps others when she can. She is calm and collected, until you make her really mad, which could take weeks on end to annoy her that much. She doesn't know much about fighting but can defend herself. At parties she showes great enjotment in glowsticks and dancing
-Sexuality: Straight
-Love Interest: none right now
-Living conditions (what district, house or apartment, etc): District III, 3 room apartment, no pets.
-Any other info: She has just moved out of her father's house, and is hoping to make it on her own.

Well there you have it, I hope you guys will let me in.
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